Eligibility & Program

Active duty military members (and their partners/spouses) separating from service may elect to participate in the entrepreneurship training track of Boots to Business. This includes:

Transition GPS/The Entrepreneurship Track:

All service members attending will gain exposure to entrepreneurship by viewing a 10-minute video.

Intensive 2-day/Intro to Entrepreneurship:

During Transition GPS, if the service member elects to participate in a 2-day entrepreneurial class, taught by a SBA Representative/SBA Resource Partner at a local military installation. The class will educate participants on business fundamentals and guide them through an initial feasibility analysis of their business concept.

Foundations of Entrepreneurship Course:

Upon completion of the Boots to Business optional “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” track, transitioning service members have the option to further study through an instructor-led 8-week online course offered by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University. Completion of the 8-week online course will require approximately 10 hours of study each week and walk participants through the fundamentals of developing a business plan.

After completing Boots to Business, participants will have the tools and knowledge they need to identify a business opportunity, draft a business plan, and launch their enterprise.

How to participate

Intro to Entrepreneurship and Two-Day Course Registration:

To participate in the Boots to Business entrepreneurship track, eligible service members should contact their installation’s transition service manager, a local SBA district office (contact information for SBA’s district offices can be found at sba.gov under “local assistance”), or the SBA’s Office of Veterans Development.

Foundations of Entrepreneurship 8-week Online Course Registration:

Once participants complete the Introduction to Entrepreneurship Two-Day Course, the instructor will provide a login and password to gain to access to register for the Foundations of Entrepreneurship course.


There are no registration fees or tuition for any portion of the Boots to Business entrepreneurship training track. All service members will receive textbooks and resources necessary to complete the program.