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Sandra Gonzales, Army Spouse, Boots to Business, 2013

Sandra Gonzales is a former Army nurse, the spouse of a Field Artillery officer, and also the mother of six children. Sandra always knew that she wanted to start her own business, because she recognized that through business ownership she could create a vocation for herself that would allow her to enact her passion for learning and teaching, in a way that also afforded her the flexibility she needed to balance the roles of mother, wife, and businessperson.

Gonzales learned of the IVMF’s Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) program in 2011, and made the decision to enroll. After completing the V-WISE program, and later advanced training through the IVMF’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans Families (EBV-F) and Boots to Business training programs, she launched her own educational consulting firm called Docere eLearning Solutions, LLC.

When asked about her experience in the Boots to Business program, Sandra responded, “I have taken numerous online courses, and I have found Boots to Business to be one of the best. The online tutorials were extremely valuable as well as the feedback I received on my assignments. The class walks you through each section of the business plan and provides great insight into all the aspects of planning and launching a new venture. Had it not been for Boots to Business, I doubt that I would have been able to write a detailed business plan that will help me move my business forward. More importantly, it allowed me to compete in two different business plan competitions to earn seed money for my company. I would highly recommend Boots to Business to anyone serious about launching a new venture.”

Sandra’s company specializes in the creation of interactive learning programs primarily for K-12 and health care organizations. The inspiration for her business came from homeschooling her oldest child, who is autistic. For that reason, her educational programs are focused on the homeschooling community – specifically offering alternative therapies and special educational techniques for struggling learners. Sandra has built a world-class team of educators, entrepreneurs, health care professionals and IT specialists who have a love for teaching and a passion for helping others to learn. Sandra also serves as the editor for the newsletter of the homeschooling association, writing articles about autism, and innovative learning strategies.

The target market for the company’s first products includes approximately 2.2 million homeschooled children in the United States. Key trends such as an increasing demand for online learning for high school students make this 650 million dollar market a favorable one for her innovative learning solutions. The marketplace agrees. Sandra recently received $50,000 in seed capital to launch her new venture.